Frankly, I don't even know what weed is, and I'm terrified of tiny fires. So, as you can imagine, I regard today's Comedy Goldmine, in which a bunch of forum posters discuss a hypothetical weed-based fetish, with a mixture of contempt and disgust! :) :) Enjoy please... :)


My fetish is to watc h people about to blaze it getting interrupted just before they can do it for hours and hours

at first they had to be interrupted by attractive women but now i'll watch them get interrupted by any damn thing, evena dog


domination goddess: *holds up a blunt* looks pretty good, huh? *swallows it whole * ahahaha!! you fucking loser


open grinders falling off lap on to carpet compilation (HD)


I like the ones that surprise you, like a cop walks by in a park and you're like ugh another basic cop bust vid , but then the cop just keeps moving and then a fucken BIRD SNATCHES THE JOINT UP unnng


MYRUINEDCHIEF.COM: Filthy Smoke Dom SLUT Turns ALL My Weed Over to the DEA (30 min)


(CDV) HOT WIFE presents you with chore list


Man Puts In Bob Marley Mix Tape, Experiences The Ultimate Betrayal... Roommate Has Recorded Over Marley Mix With "Now That's What I Call The USA: The Patriotic Country Collection" ALL WEED IN EARSHOT TRANSFORMS INTO TRUCKNUTS, CONFEDERATE FLAGS, AND EMPTY KEYSTONE LITE

Android Blues

Innocent young first timer ruins spliff with soggy roach. this tiny cardboard stent is DRIPPING with her hot smoke ruining mouth batter. just try taking a puff on this bad boy! [lip smacking, solo, drool]

buzz_cut [-] [+] [16] you have already liked this comment!
i want her to disintegrate my roach

kieth [-] [+] [2]
stomp on my roach baby

kieth [-] [+] [6]
make me make another spliff thats just a cig with stems in it


Blunt rolling FAIL!!! Dog Covered in Weed!!


My dog ate all my edibles and now I'm HARD AS FUCK while he vomits in the backyard

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