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Oh no!

Have you noticed the other SA writers have been slacking lately and not writing their Daily Dirts? Maybe that's because they realized it was a shitty idea for a feature. I don't want to read chatlogs of moof and Livestock flirting or Lowtax trying to string together coherent political thoughts or CTS talking about how badly he wants to nail his neighbor's 14-year-old Cocker Spaniel... IT IS LIVEJOURNAL BULLSHIT BLOGS ARE FOR THE BIRDS!

Anyways, I really doubt many people who read SA are into sports, but I like writing about the NFL anyway, dammit. I personally think the NFL is easily the best-run and most entertaining of all the major sports. For one thing, pretty much every game counts, it's not like baseball where you have to suffer through 140+ games before things start to get interesting.

And I'm unfortunately really a Bills fan, since I grew up in Western New York. Yeah, the early 90's sucked.

Fragmaster Fan Art of The Week

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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