Steve: Meanwhile, back at the Holiday Inn, Left Eye is having some luck logging onto a local BBS. It's called The Gamer's Castle.

Zack: Left Eye is going to play a couple door games. Not trying to get up on the boards or anything, just trying to get her fix.

Steve: Somebody named Fireknight seems to be dominating all the games.

Zack: Fire is a powerful thing. Left Eye has always been drawn to it. But enough with the games. She is going to search for any electronics companies in East Chicago.

Steve: There is one called Cyber Computer.

Zack: Seriously?

Steve: What?

Zack: That sounds like the name of an Internet Cafe in Nairobi, not a legit business.

Steve: Fine, it's called Data East.

Zack: How about Jaleco?

Steve: FINE!

Zack: Temper, Steve.

Steve: You're undermining my storytelling.

Zack: Technically you're keeping.

Steve: That's exactly what I'm saying!

Zack: Okay, you're right, sorry. Left Eye will do a search of employees at the company.

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