Zack:Literally 25 pages of lists of locations and populations and where the Cyborg Commando bases are built.

Steve: We get it. You don't like to know things. Maybe you don't need the phone book either.

Zack: They don't make the phone book anymore.

Steve: Yeah, because the world is full of unimaginative people like you who would rather have pre-written modules than create their own adventure based on a rich background and setting.

Zack: I would rather not play this game at all, but I could come up with a better adventure without reading any of this background material.
Steve: Big talk! Alright, let's hear it then.

Zack: The cyborg commandos are having a basketball tournament against the number one team from bug valley to raise money for the cyborg kids ball removal fund. The players can steal the bug valley playbook to get an edge or match metal arms against giant laser-spraying bug monsters in a true challenge of hoop bending mayhem.

Steve: Okay, not bad, but exactly how many people live in Bug Valley?

Zack: 10,001.

Steve: Boooooo!

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