Heroes Unlimited Ridiculous Pose #3

Steve: To Chi Blast a Mockingbird.

Zack: Scout, I forbid you to fight with Zinox Syndrome's helicopter troopers!

Steve: I don't know, you said this is ridiculous but it seems pretty normal to me.

Zack: Yeah. He's just staying bent down like that because he can feel a toot right on the bubble and he's afraid any stretching is going to set that bad boy loose.

Steve: Good thing he wore a diaper!

Heroes Unlimited Ridiculous Pose #4

Zack: This is the exact pose people assume when they get hit with one of those taser belts.

Steve: You're just looking for something to insult. Clearly this dude has just delivered a hay maker to a foe.

Zack: Steve, come on, he looks like he's rolling around on the floor Rick Sanchez style while some hayseed deputies laugh about it.

Steve: There's a reason they put this hero on the cover.

Zack: Yeah, the reason is their target audience is a bunch of spazzes.

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