Steve's Stupidest #3

Vanessa the Candle Mage

From Rifter #30

Steve: Vanessa wanted to be a magic user. She was also way into artisanal candals. If only there was some way to combine the two that ruined the magic.

Steve: Luckily for her, she could combine the two thanks to this incredible character class.

Zack: She's a magic user, how bad can she be?

Steve: Let me put it this way...imagine casting a spell, only to cast it you had to burn a candle. Now imagine almost no spells work anymore because you have to make and burn a candle. Other spells, like energy bolt, will work, but you have to include multiple wicks and light multiple candles just to shoot an energy bolt.

Steve: My personal favorite is invisibility. Which makes you invisible within the circle of light of the candle. So you're invisible, except for the light source you're carrying around that tells exactly where you are.

Zack: This sounds pretty bad.

Steve: Oh, does it?

Steve: Because guess what, the real cool thing you can do is combine spells into a single candle that does something really specific like teleport a cheeseburger into the future ten seconds. Sounds good. Everything is cool. But, oh, wait, on a failure you have a ten percent chance of permanently losing an attribute point and a chance of becoming a monster or ending up in a months long coma.

Steve: Because you lit a candle wrong.

Zack: I'll admit, it sounds really bad, but I would risk some pretty dire things to teleport a cheeseburger ten seconds into the future.

Zack: Besides, you just won round 2 on a teleport clause.

Steve: Fine, dude. Show me what you got. Let's break this tie.

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