Heavy Metal Magazine began in 1977 as a magazine for adult comics, mostly imported from European markets. Within a couple years it had transformed into a showcase for science fiction and fantasy artists and writers mixed with edgy pop culture. The heady days when dorm rooms were shameless decorated with chrome robot posters may be behind us, but Heavy Metal lives on and so do these classic covers from the first ten years of the magazine.

The First Issue
April, 1977

Zack: I had to start us off with number one.

Steve: Classy pick. It's badass that a boss like Terry Brooks is on the cover of the very first Heavy Metal.

Zack: Come for the high heeled, busty robot goblin smashing apart the robo patriarchy and stay for the promotional novel excerpt.

Steve: Dang, she is taking that thing apart. I guess that's why they say, "Don't bring a weird future chisel to a wrench fight."

Zack: What do you think they are trying to say with this cover? It's their first issue. They've got to be making a statement about who they are.

Steve: "We're about violence and inappropriately inserting breasts into everything."

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