"Siembieda's Egg"

Zack: We had to end it on Siembieda.

Steve: Wow, that dude was drawing some bad ideas all the way back in 1980.

Zack: At least this finally answers the question of which came first, Rifts Sourcebook 73: Easter Island Technomagic Dragon Police Army or the egg..

Steve: There really aren't enough bodybuilding eggs wearing sleeveless spacesuits in science fiction artwork.

Zack: You hear that, sci-fi artists? Siembieda did his part, now it's up to you! Though his Palladium output might make you think he is 1,000 men he is only one, so he needs your help to bring the space egg men back.

Steve: Bro, I am staring at this and its sort of, like, profound. Like I'm having a catharsis.

Zack: Does it involve eggs?

Steve: What if our whole universe is in an egg? And it keeps expanding and expanding until instead of getting sucked back in by a black hole or whatever we finally crack open the universe egg.

Zack: What's outside the egg?

Steve: If I knew that I'd have all the answers. I hope it's a skillet.

Zack: It's probably going to be Kevin Siembieda and we're all just things he dreamed up. We've all been randomly generated from a chart in Rifts Sourcebook 0: Beyond Infinity.

Steve: I hope I have eyes on stalks and big hooters.

Zack: I hope I'm Renela.

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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