Zack: I think if your costume includes a hat with the character's name written on it then you're dressed as someone or something that has outlived its cultural relevance.

Dr. Thorpe: It's gotten to the point where I can't even tell what's supposed to be ironic anymore.

Zack: Yeah, I think the irony has gone recursive too many times and it's just disappeared into this vast soup of misguided pop culture references.

Dr. Thorpe: Do people seriously say "you know what would be a fucking boss Halloween costume? Magnum PI. I wonder if they make that in a kit so I don't have to expend the fucking minimal effort to do it myself." This thing is basically just three things you can buy at the costume shop anyway, plus a hat explaining what they mean when they're put together.

Zack: "I don't want to have to remember what Magnum PI even wore, I just want them to do everything for me."

Dr. Thorpe: The great thing about this costume is that if you buy the optional round sunglasses accessory you can also be Bernie from Weekend At Bernie's.

Zack: Oh yeah, I remember the part in that movie when he wore a Magnum, PI hat.

Dr. Thorpe: It's like a Russian nesting doll of pop culture references. We're approaching dangerous Michael Ian Black levels of recursion. My love of the 70s and 80s is hitting critical mass.

Zack: Be careful, try not to be too flamboyant or you'll bubble over into Andy Dick territory.

Dr. Thorpe: Argh, I can feel Satan flipping and twitching across my soul like a Wacky Wall Walker.

Zack: Man that show is great. "Ha ha, remember when this product was released and marketed to us as children? What about this one? How about this one? Ha ha!"

Zack: "Ohhh haha this D-list celebrity remembers it too! We were alive at the same point in time!"

Dr. Thorpe: I can only hope to one day be a panelist on I Love the 00s. "Hell yeah, it's a Napoleon Dynamite mask! I remember that mov-URFH" and then a giant greasy dick is shoved in my mouth because by that point VH1 is going to be like 99% hardcore gay sex.

Dr. Thorpe: I mean, they already show James Blunt videos, it's a modest leap.

Zack: Tough talk from a Morrissey fan.

Dr. Thorpe: If liking Morrissey is gay, then just go ahead and call me gay, because I guess I'm pretty much gay.

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