This article will attempt to examine the true meaning behind The Killah B's hit rap single, "Thrilla Killah". This piece of art is obviously one of the most ingenious pieces of American literature to ever hit the Internet, and it deserves a much closer look.

verse 1 (Killah)
K-I-L-L-A all day

But what does he do at night? He's a T-H-R-I-L-L-A K-I-L-L-A only in the day, so I assume he is still stuck bagging groceries at the local "Kroger's" grocery store during the evening. Good thing this is only verse one, I'm sure he'll have plenty of time to explain in the rest of the rap!

here i come to bring tha pain

Although it is very thoughtful of Killah B to bring the pain to us (so we don't have to go out and get it ourselves), I don't recall ever asking for it. He is a very nice boy and probably gets tipped very well when he mows his neighbors' lawns.

cock my strap and let it rain

I believe this was worded poorly, and should actually read "strap my cock and let it rain", referring to the obvious penchant gangsta' rappers have for golden showers.

Lightning comes in tha heat of night

Santa comes in the heat of the night too, but you don't see Coolio bustin' moves about "Daddy Claus". We should be lucky that the Killah B's only talk about lightning coming in the heat of the night, and not what they actually do under their Tonka truck bedsheets with a copy of the Sears catalogue.

fuck up and i must stop yo life

How exactly can my life me "stopped"? I can understand "ending" it, but does "stopping" it just mean they're going to put me in a cryogenic freezer for an undisclosed amount of time? If so, when can I get out? In the heat of the night maybe? With Santa?

bring tha noise with all my gunz

Is he asking me to "bring tha noise"? I'm sure the Killah B's have access to a wide variety of semiautomatic BB guns, so I won't worry about that.

Me and B we number one

Both of you are number one? Are you tied? Who's in second place? And what's the contest, "America's Most Embarrassing Werd Up Whiteboy"?

True as hell and tight to death

This one boggles my mind. As far as I can tell, he's talking about having sex with a virgin who has been injected with an exotic truth serum, perhaps developed by Batman.

we killed ten but theres still some left

I warned you that if you keep leaving your 40 ounce chocolate milk cartons laying around, they'll attract ants. Keep trying to step on them all, guys.

Fertilize tha diesel fuel

Why? Are you trying to grow gasoline trees?

one big bomb my favorite tool

You refer to your penis as a large bowel movement?

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