how u niggaz gon step to me?
I don't plan on stepping any time soon, but if I did, I would probably do it by casually sauntering in your general direction. You big sexy rappers make me saunter in fright!
Verse 2 (B) *not yet
OK, I will keep waiting. Do you have a mailing list I can be put on which will notify me of updates to the lyrics?
Verse 3 (Killah)
Probation is a bitch
You mean "detention"? That's what you get for passing notes in gym class.
im just trying to get rich
I would advise staying out of the "rap" industry in that case. I hear the lawn tractor restoration field is booming these days, you may want to look into that.
5 o clock u question me
I was just wondering why you were hanging out around the men's restroom all day, that's it.
my curfew is six thirty
Better hurry up and get home, mom will get angry.
twelve oh one IM out again
You've gone to sleep? I bet you tried to stay up to watch all of "Conan O'Brien", but your little eyelids couldn't keep up, could they? Off to sleepyland, Killah B's, you've got church tomorrow!
fucking up shit once again
You can catch a myriad of awful diseases through anal sex, you may want to think that over.
pat me down search me fo drugs
All you've got is your inhaler and a couple pills of Xenical.
IM a rapper not a thug
I'm a lover, not a fighter. What's your point?
just because I kill at night
So you kill people when you're working at the grocery store? Is that before or after you ask "paper or plastic" and offer to carry their bags to the car for them?
That gives u no fucking right
I've got plenty of "fucking rights", I'm just saving them for the special woman.
to invade my privacy
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