to kill 30 niggaz inside a school

Why would "niggaz" be inside school? I haven't heard of too many hard core OG's that hang out around the playground, perhaps it's one of those new "Rap Skoolz" I've been hearing about. You might want to attend.

all they heard was the diesel blast

They must've heard more, unless of course you have access to some secret type of sonic gun that shoots high frequency sound waves, deafening all those around it. Batman could've made that too, he makes everything.

We will leave you choking on gas

That's why we have Beano. Don't eat excessive amounts of Mexican food before going on a killing spree next time, guys, it's a general rule.

D-I-E is what you do

No, I actually W-O-R-K on a C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R.

Killah B and Tha Pastor too

What about you two? Gay lovers? In cahoots? Are you starting a porkchop warehouse? Come on, give me a hint fellahs!

Comin from Georgia what the fuck

Yes, "what the fuck" indeed. Please go back and stay there, preferably under a small packing crate.

killin fake niggas make my nuts bust

I would imagine that you should never commit suicide then, as the Police will be cleaning your sperm off the walls for days.

I only have two niggaz with me

Where do you keep them, your pants pockets? Maybe you should let them come out so they can write lyrics for you.

Why you still ride fifty deep?

Why not? I tried sixty deep, but I just couldn't get into it.

Like you scared of down south killahz

I am scared of your atrocious grammar and awful flatulence problem. As far being "down south killahz", does that mean you only kill people from down south? I live in California, so I hope I'm safe from your blind rage!

we be the ones who pull back on triggaz

That is good, because pushing forward on them isn't nearly as effective.

We all about makin money and noise

So far I haven't found any songs on your page and you don't seem to be rich because you're still hosted on Angelfire.

call the cops or call yo boyz

I'd rather call out for pizza. But it might be brought by some boys, so does that count?

either way there'll be deaths

Who's deaths? The Mongolians?

have u wondering "whats next?"

I would guess "Verse 2" is next, but you hardcore rappers always seem to amaze me.

K-I-L-L-A-H- B

We have established your name, thank you. I am L-O-W-T-A-X, how are you?

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