The Games Forum. If it's about games, and it's on a forum (this forum), then it's on The Games Forum. Mr. Onslaught provides these links:

You got Nethack in my Dungeon Keeper - If you can't get enough of mind blowing ASCII graphics and tediously addictive gameplay, then prepare to swoon for Dwarf Fortress.

Do you know where I can find some sailors around here? - Since nobody actually beat Shenmue, this thread provides a useful service. Who knew beating up schoolgirls and buying drinks from a vending machine could be so fun?

Graphic graphics - This "Let's Play" thread dusts off all nine discs of Phantasmagoria for some good old fashioned interactive movie entertainment.

Crackdown comes free with purchase of Halo 3 beta - Throw cars and stuff with your friends online.

Pokemon is a children's game - More than just a passing fad, Pokemon fans are still going strong and bringing a disturbing amount of serious discussion with them!

Nobody cares about Eve-Online drama - Since thirteen cases of suicide were directly linked to Eve-Online not being mentioned in last week's "Forum Friday" segment...

Why is Link walking sideways? - Much like Shenmue, nobody actually beat Zelda II. Come to see what you missed out on, stay for the nostalgic cameos.

Giant robots smashing things - What else needs to be said about the new Gundam Musou game?
Your fanart sucks - If you gaze long into the , the will gaze back into you.

The sweet science of video games - Study up on Street Fighter III: Third Strike and you too will one day receive a standing ovation.

Serious Hardware / Software Crap. Discussing things like "hardware" and "software," but really not much "crap," unless somebody mistakenly makes a thread about Vista. GodofLint made his list very nice and easy to copy and paste for me:

Horrible interfaces thread - gregday takes us on a magical voyage through the worst user interfaces that programmers can muster.

what the hell is running on my computer? - Kashwashwa, in a fit of technical brilliance, installs multiple anti-virus programs, steals ram from other machines, and kills systems processes to make the computer run faster, all while insulting most everyone in SH/SC.

Hardware that makes you :psyduck: - Hyperborean shows up some of the most poorly designed hardware ever to grace the inside of a computer.

Request a tiny custom app and I'll write it. - Neurozys and other members make small custom programs to fit requests.

The New Windows Short Questions megathread - For all those quick and dirty Windows questions that leave you scratching your head.

Debate and Discussion. People love to argue on the Internet, and people also love to hate politics. So what do you get when you combine the two? I don't know, but it involves a lot of libertarians. Yiggy serves us a steaming plate of:

Let's make some political magic cards! - And just when you thought that game wasn't nerdy enough... obscure Philosophers too!

Thurmond's family used to own Sharptons - Ssssssssss.... awkward....

The Second Great Depression - The Housing Bubble - Predict a hard landing every year and you may just get it right eventually.

Better Know Your '08 Presidential Candidates, pt.1 - John McCain (no "e")
- Its election season again, like always! Get to know a candidate every week, starting with McCain. (Last weeks)

Better Know Your '08 Presidential Candidates, pt2 - Hilary Clinton LOLBEWBZ - Continuing series, Learn about your '08 presidential early runners. This week, Hillary.

Honey bee die off - A Bee AIDS is going around wreaking havoc on bee farmers. Could have a potential impact on food economy. Whoever wins... bee science is still interesting.

ADD/ADHD - What are the moral implications of medicating our kids? What are the societal consequences? Are there any of either?

"Defeating Darwinism: Reading bullshit so you don't have to" - The US is having continuing issues among its populace with scientific literacy, resistance to teaching evolution and subversive ID pundits. Rather than just slam the other side, D&D is going through creationist literature to train for Mortal Kombat.

Parent unfit, based on the gravitational pull of her son - What are appropriate grounds for government intervention in unfit parenting? What should be the limits? Should governments police parents of fatties?

Obamarama Megathread V: Join the club! (Seriously.) - D&D goons are pooling their efforts and their 10bux together towards the one thing many of them seem to agree on: getting Obama in office. Join the quickly growing cause!

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