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Instances Where the Movie Novelization is Better Than the Movie - Movies that are better than books...no wait..books that are better than movies... YEAH...sorta!

Entry Level books for different Genres - Those Dummy books too hard for you? Find out better starter books here.

Best Sherlock Holmes Stories - Find out the best stories of the most famous detective in the world.

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NES/SNES/N64/PS1/PS2/Atari/Genesis, DVDs, computer hardware, Cort GC - Holy shit, look at all of the collective years of geekery in this post. Get some great deals on a mixed bag of neat stuff.

IRON ON PATCHES! - SA-Emotes, Anime patches... Also custom sewn stuff - makes a comeback in it's old form as an iron on patch.

Asus EN9800GT GeForce 9800GT 512MB Video Card $114 after rebate - For the video card deal of the week, we have a 9800 GT for one of the cheapest prices around. Get even more off with the Live Search Cashback thread in Coupons as well.

Sports (NFL/NBA/MLB/Soccer/NHL) Jerseys for CHEAP!!! (non-authentic, but convincing) - Want a sports Jersey? Don't want to pay the outrageous prices authentic retailers charge for them? Check this thread out, where people throw down for a great (but not too legit) deal.

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