Lowtax - Me and my homies are startin up a rap group, did I tells ya?

Hardcore - coo, no

Lowtax - Yeah, we da "Deep Phat Fryahs", bustin out from OC. My homie's "Snoozy D" an' I'm "Fried Ice". Our first album is "Rockin' Yo Ass From Tokyo to Gettysburg". we gon be on Fly Tip Records come next G-January

Hardcore - no shittin'?

Lowtax - yeah, tourin West Side bitch. where yuo livin', you could come see us live

Hardcore - shit, kickin' in Sunnyvale

Lowtax - aw shit, moneymakin' crazy hoods live in Sunnyvale!

Hardcore - shit, nah

Lowtax - Dre's from Sunnyvale.

Hardcore - nah

Lowtax - You hear his single, "Bustin Outta Sunnyville With a 9"?

Hardcore - I dont think Dre did that, g

Lowtax - mightta been MC Pak Chooie, theyre East Side hardcore oriental shit, hardcore

Hardcore - who's on yo label?

Lowtax - Chuck Nasty, Easy Bustah, Da CMYK Gang, Doctah Chrome, Allie N. Skin, Bevel Crew, Run BMP, some other shit... you heard of dem?

Hardcore - some... got any mp3s?

Lowtax - shit nah, Dre made me stop usin Napster

Hardcore - werd

Lowtax - yeah werd, listen to some BMX

Hardcore - i got like 2 gigs o rap on my hard D

Lowtax - Damn bitzhchtnzatch, yo muthah D's full! You gotta bust a move ta mothah fuckin' CompUSA to get a new G-money Maxtor, yo!

Hardcore - ha ha, yea

Lowtax - So anyways, we finishin up a couple raps for da album. Wez workin' on da songs "Cop Done Falls" and "Bustin Shit Up". We just gotta work da lyrics yo.

Hardcore - what yoo got?

Lowtax - huh? werd?

Hardcore - what yoo got so far on da lyrics?

Lowtax - shit bitch, here's all we gots from "Cop Done Falls":

Mothafuckin' man, you got trapped in mah way
Now comes mah Glok, my Smith and Westin gone' stay
Mothah Bitch comes rollin, fools done trip out
Got a key of stump gonna roll out

Foos gone play out cuz trades gone werd
Trip dat bitch to a final fizz, money's all spent
Flip out strip to da light gone switch foo' drip
Playaz gone ill when da thrill shots blanks


He's tip o da lip, flying like Niro
He ain't got trousers, stuck in place like Hiro
It's dawg eat dawg and yo salad's been tossed
Cop done fall like Who's Da Boss

Dats all so far

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