Poll Thugs from New Symbionese Liberation Army Favored Mars Mission Over Lunar Landing

By Helmsman

Great video from James O'Kleefe uncovering linkage between Taxtronaut Freeman and the New SLA. Unbelievable they fell for his Patty Hearst costume, but that's just how stupid these anti-moonbats are.

Bortbart once again vindicated by the thugocracy and Chicago tactics. It's like Rush said on his show Wednesday when he took down the spin job from the liberal left media:

All you need to know is Van Jones met Freeman at an SEIU meeting and Bin Laden X of the SLA was in the same city that day and he supports Mars landings. Am I saying his name right? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to be worst person in the world tonight, I can feel it. These links are proved, we have the tape. They can spin it and distort it, but the truth is Bortbart is the victim of a hit job by the White House thugs working with the blogosphere and their friends in the mainstream media. Watch tomorrow when Gibbs gets in front of the microphone, how many of their sniveling little toadies in the media do you think will ask about the New SLA and Freeman connection? Zip. I will bet you that.

Their narrative is unraveling and the truth is coming out: the racists are being unmasked by patriots. The Democrat party is running scared.

TAGS: Mid-terms, 2012, Van Jones, States' Rights, NASA, taxes, Obungler, communism

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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