• Get a bunch of T-Rexes on hoverboards to chase them back to Mexico. Contrary to what you may have seen or heard on the internet, T-rexes all have yellow fever and cannot be seduced by Latinas. This does mean that we need a different solution to the illegal Asian immigrants.) (Klyith)There is no escape from the tiny arms of justiceKlyith's Proposal Has Teeth

  • Put land mines everywhere in Texas. Everywhere. Suburban neighborhoods, parks, people's homes, fields, everywhere. (Lowtax)

  • Have the would be border jumpers play a game of CrossFire. If they win, they get amnesty. But if they lose they are sent off to purgatory on a spinning puck. (Drive-Thru Salad Bar)

  • Let anyone in as long as they can produce their body weight in desalinated water every day. Desiccate those who fail. (goatface)

  • Unplug the border and then plug it back in again. (redm)

  • Launching stuff into space is approaching stupid cheap now. It may be better to just launch them than deport them. (UltraRed)

  • Instead of a wall, a curtain of space elevators made of giant mosquito sticky tape. (Piriwi)

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