2014's been a bad year for creepypasta. People either don't care about short horror fiction, or they're stabbing preteens because of it. Either way, the zeitgeist has moved on. Creepypasta is DEAD and I couldn't be happier. You see, I'm a big proponent of what I believe to be its rightful successor and heir: Christmaspasta. It's like creepypasta, but instead of using the fear emotion, it uses the emotion of pure Christmas joy! The popularity of Christmaspasta stories has been rising since November, and I predict it'll keep going until it peaks in March. Here are my favorite stories (some complete, others in excerpt form); I hope they will inspire you. Cheers, and happy holidays!

Battery Paradise

By TheNumberFiveMillion


Subj: anyone remember battery paradise (TV show)

anyone from the east coast remember the tv show battery paradise? it was some kids thing on at 10 or 11 in the morning. back in 1999 or 2000 i think. it was some freaky challenge thing where the kids had to do stuff and they got batteries as rewards but really low budget tho

shrinkynutz [MODERATOR]

Subj: Re: anyone remember battery paradise (TV show)

Welcome to the site, alelunad! Please read our style guidelines for spelling and grammar in posts for future reference. Moving this thread to the correct subforum now. Have fun!


Subj: Re: anyone remember battery paradise (TV show)

I think I vaguely remember that, alelunad_the_great. The kids were called "battery warriors" and they got given the batteries by the "battery master"? I remember the plot was that the kids had gotten toys with no batteries for christmas so they needed to do the challenges to get the batteries. I think they got to keep the toys after the show, too.


Subj: Re: anyone remember battery paradise (TV show)

Wasn't this show on in, like, July? why would they air a christmas show in (Read More ... )

The Experiment

By aaaaaaaaa_b

24/12/?? 23:00
Experiment begins.
100 milligram dose of XXXXX administered.
Temperature 99.2.
Pulse 71.
Subject seems confused, restless.

24/12/?? 23:10
Temperature 101.5 and rising.
Pulse 75.
Subject pleased. Confusion dropping.

24/12/?? 23:20
Temperature remaining steady at 105.0.
Pulse 78.
Slight dilation of pupils.
Large, chintzy armchair added to room.
Ornate marble fireplace added to room. Fire lit.
Subject drinking happily from provided brandy glass.
Subject requesting TV, DVD player, and DVD copy of 1968 musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

24/12/?? 23:30
Temperature remaining steady at 110.0.
Pulse 78.
Subject's extended family added to room.
Subject begins setting up scrabble board.
Subject requesting figgy pudding and elaborate serving (Read More ... )

The unSlender Man

By JeanDuprois

The unSlender Man is a humanoid being who generally appears as a male with an extremely rotund belly and jocular disposition. He also has a thick, curly beard of white or off-white hair (eyewitness statements disagree on this matter). He is described as wearing a red suit with white trim with a matching hat. While it is rare to catch a glimpse of the unSlender Man, his victims often say how his footprints in the snow are clearly visible for days after his visits. Thats right, you guessed it- idts the big man Santa Claus (Read More ... )

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