Google Chrome: Jess Time

The Internet doesn't exist as a physical thing. It is a series of connections. From the trivial, to the profound. We make them each and every time we sit down at that computer and open up a web browser. Chrome was new. Chrome is better. But now Chrome is a part of our everyday lives. We are using Chrome to make those connections.

The commercial starts on a Chromebook opening. We see a chat screen. "Jess" is talking to "Dad." She is newly arrived at college and we learn that "Mom" is no longer with us. Downer folk pop drives that home. We learn in a series of quick vignettes playing under the folk music that Jess is dealing with growing into a woman while growing apart from her father.

They schedule time every day to communicate. She keeps talking to her dad as she struggles with class and with introducing him to her boyfriend. It's fun and genuine. The stress of college is getting to her. She's homesick. She wants to drop out. She's beaten. Dad uses Chrome to share a picture of mom in cap and gown and says, "If she could do it, so can you."

Slow the montage down to let that sink in. Then it's back to living.

Jess and her dad are using Chrome to maintain the most important connection of all: family. We think about Jess and Dad and we imagine our better selves.

All lowercase: "the web is what you make of it."

Google exec: Don't you think it's a little gross to use a mother's death to sell a web browser?

Don: You're not selling a web browser. You're selling the idea of who we are.

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