Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Requests Rain Check on Dubai Debt, Loan for Purchase of Additional Kentucky Race Horses

European Investment Markets Tumble Amid Fears of Instability in Dubai's Artificial Island Based Economy

Mall of the Emirates Boasts World's Largest Selection of Luxury Boutiques Seized By Banks

Profits Fall Short of Mark at Unicorn Hunting Nature Adventure Park Inside Volcanoland Dubai

Seeking Party Profits, Emirate Relaxes Mandatory Beheading Rules for Alcoholic Muslims

European Backers Withdraw from Deal to Construct Third Dubai Ice Spire

Dubai World Corporation Announces Everything Islands in Shape of Everything Will Symbolize Everything

Falling Plywood Prices Good News for Developers Seeking Cost-Saving Alternative to Windows

Burj Dubai Tower Will Open at 100% Occupancy Thanks to Squatters, Striking Workers

Underwater McDonald's Scales Back Plans for Second Dubai Submarine Pen

Starving Pakistani Urchin Listens to Canadian Complain About Hotel's Shitty Monte Cristo Sandwich

Cruising to Dubai and What You Need to Know About Grappling Hooks

Haunted Dubai Tours to Offer Inside Look at Abandoned Development Projects and Rooms Where Someone Heard a Sound Once

Sheikh Maktoum Welcomes Esteemed Creditors from UBS AG with the Gift of 83 Rolls Royce Cars More Than Three Months Past Due on Payments

Guests of the Dubai Hyatt are Urged to Remain Inside the Hotel's Panic Room

Green Shoots: Downsized High-End Escorts Find New Careers as Desperate Street Hookers

Unemployment Rate Declines Following Second Straight Month of Water Embargo on Worker District

500 Jobs Available at Dubai World Security, Willingness to Club Your Own Ethnic Group a Plus

All Unemployed Foreign Workers Invited to Dubai Jobs Fair to Be Held Aboard Rusty Benzene Freighter Pride of Angola

Mysterious Saudi Offers Special Job Potion for White Women Who Get into His Van

Washington Times Newspaper Traces Dubai Economic Woes to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, President Obama

Foreign Workers Return to Their Foreign Lands, Praise Dubai's Clean Worker Conditions and Plenty of Water Available to Drink

Analysts Predict Sheikh Maktoum's Horse Will Win Kentucky Following Sheikh Maktoum's Purchase of Remaining Kentucky Derby Competitors

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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