WELCOME BACKS!!It is Yours Truly, back after so long a parting of the time! I am knowing the contests of beliefs your eyes experience towards this page in the computer when it is springing forth the name of luchadore hero El Pinto Grande. It is so!

Many times during the epochs I am endeavoring to write a page for this computer book Some Things Awful. Then again, life is being so full of adventures it is never the time like the present to be “take a five” to write down a story.

Many things have occurred in and around the locations, including incredible sevenfolds growth of Large Son who is now Large Young Adult. Entire new category of books in the biblioteca! Can you believe he has grown so much? I cannot, truth being told. A mountain of a mans inside and out, he has the biggest heart of a technicos and the strengths of a hundred and eighteen rudos.

This is time at last, write a page her and now, so hello again! Yours Truly has been drafted into the services of America for advancing political agendas and experience the adventures to be had north of the borders. I am arriving in great land of TEXAS for adventures at request of a long time friend American President.

Bill Clinton, dear friends, is a dearest of friends. Since I am seeing him put the pipes to his lips and toot a merry tunes on the Arsenal Hall television programmes I am knowing he is the kindred spirits. Mr. Bill Clinton is calling all “supremo delegates” from the olden days of yore to attend to his wife types campaigns in TEXAS. Yours Truly is not being a supremo delegate who is always citizen of America, but is very influencing in Latino communities. With great courage I am making “the inroads” to the Latino people.

Bill Clinton is sending call to Yours Truly and Yours Truly is given a great shout from the mountain tops overlooking American chemical factory and disappeared lake filled with cattle skeleton. I am given to shout, “YES! I answer the calls, Mr. Bill Clinton! For America is great friend to the north! Your call will not be going ignored!”

Young lady types all around the Clintons I AM FAITHFUL WIFE TYPE DO NOT BEGIN TO FRETTINGI would be made to continue to shout, but rockslide is in this zone I am speaking of and so I am move along before the big crush comes upon my shoulder. Long time friends Sombrero Largo, who is at this time being retired from the squares circled, is also made to accompany me while wife types stay behind to look after the house as they should.

When I am arriving in Texas with special ticket for America Bill Clinton friend type Howard Wolfman is made to tell me, “Yours Truly, legend of the squares circle who is recorded to undefeat by all non-rudos maneuvering from Oaxaca to Hermosillo, thank you for coming. Bill Clinton, American President, is so glad to have you on the board. Rules of the American area specify he cannot be President anymore so he is giving this honor to wife type who will be new American President.”

Yours Truly is giving the reply, “So?”

And Howard Wolfmans is saying, “So, with your incomparable skill and greatest courages in the face of partisan’s savagery will you confront lies of Warlocks Obama in Latinos Community.”

I am made to flourish the capes and in the displays of machismo made to stomp a boot and put the chest out and say, “Naturally!”

The BEAUTIFUL and WISE Hillard wife types of the American President Bill Clinton.Howard Wolfmans continue to give Yours Truly the honor of speaking Latino youths for Bill Clinton wife type who is gorgeous woman Hillard. She is having eyes like a bug and handsome apple cheeks. Her smile can put a light up in a room. I tells the Wolfmans that I would make to sweep her up in towards my arms and put a kiss upon her face (of a romantic type of kiss) if it is not facts that she is wed in the matrimonies to American President Bill Clinton.

The rallies are a corn of copious excitement. Voter age Latinos and Latinas emerge into theater as if for great combat but there is only stage and the heroics of battle are not to be scheduled. I am taking up the microphones and ask, “HELLO!” Crowd is given to cheer as if I am administering signature move of spinning crab kick to back of Indomitable Doctor Fights after supreme rudos maneuvering.

“Greetings to the voters!” I am continuing. “I am here for alliance with American President Bill Clinton who has big hearts!”

“RAAAAAAA!” Is the words of the crowd!

“I am here to say it is duty of all voters in the booths to administer knockout blow to sinister rudos Warlocks Obama who is casting a spell of terrors over this country!” Imagine more applause as stadium goes wild from encouraging oratories. “Warlocks Obama is wrong on all things and all issues let me tell you.”

Then I am reading from card on issues he is wrong on which are issues like “the health scare” and “Iraqs war vote fairy tales” and I am also given to adding “foreign objects in rings” and “sorceries” which is rudos of the most direst brand. The crowd is loving this and Hillard is seeming to like this also. The victories are assured.


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