Wage Disparity Exists, and Women Are Responsible For It

You'd think with all these women earning 72 cents for every dollar men earn that our big, faceless, capitalist corporations would be hiring these cheap female worker bees by the assload! Of course, these statistics, fodder for slow news days and email forwards, only take into account the median income of men and women.

Women are in fact paid the same as men for the same amount of work. What they fail to tell you is that men work more hours, work more dangerous jobs, are more willing to relocate, and are basically chained to a desk for most of their miserable lives.

As education for women increases the wage gap may narrow, but there will always be some gap because some women will choose to put their education and career on hold to have kids. How many worthless BAs are out there because a chick found the "perfect guy" and decided to throw her education away to pop out a few kids and stay home?

I tell my girlfriend to go all the way. Get that BA, MA, and PhD. She came from a desperately poor background and now she's at a tier 1 law school. Hell, my girl is even Cisco and Microsoft certified and that really gets my boner going. She didn't get there by blogging about the fucking patriarchy on her blog in between posts about her cat and/or periods. Preventing Violence Against Women is a Sexist Movement

Women like to tout that 95% of domestic violence is male on female. Sorry, we are just unable to control ourselves. The Hulk has taught us that any situation can be solved with violence. Stan Lee ruined a generation of young men.

These women struck (hehe) Torrance High School in California earlier this year. Who knows how they got into the school or why they were allowed to speak there, but a feminist organization gave a presentation and offered the offending 95% statistic to students. A men's group did a counter presentation offering a more credible statement that men and women are pretty much equal victims of physical dating violence.

How about a group that believes that violence against anyone is bad, regardless of gender, ethnicity or age? Oh wait, there is one, but it's hardly updated and its forum has just over 1,500 posts. Not surprised that our feminized society couldn't give less of a fuck about violence against anyone but women.

Hell, even lesbians are hitting their female partners, and not just the butch ones! I guess they really took the phrase, "Pick on somebody your own size" to heart. It's not like there are really reliable statistics on this subject. Unless a man is bashing on some chick, who cares, right? Your Period is a Disgusting but Natural Bodily Function

Now I'm offended.This dives into the extremes of feminism but is retarded nonetheless. Some women hold the view that their period is a beautiful event. Some of the more whacked out feminists have even painted portraits with their menstrual blood.

Again, I'm not saying that this is indicative of all women, but goddamn, your period is not beautiful. And you know what? Neither is pissing, and shitting, and cumming. Boogers, earwax, scabs, farts, toejam, belly button lint, chapped lips, scars, stretchmarks, the human body is disgusting and your period is no exception. PUA is Retarded, But It's Not Mind Control

It's fun to make fun of the "seduction community", but it's not like these people are trying to pick up your grandma or sister, unless your grandma and sister are at the club, and if they are, c'est la vie. Pickup artists don't just will women's mouths to their cocks with their minds, so why are people so goddamn offended by it?

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