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Not important like business but we still enjoy it if it is about surreal fantasy activities such as a pretty tajik girl. Go ahead and make art and maybe someone will pay you. We will teach you expertise.

  • Painting houses - Put paint onto a house good job
  • Paintings of houses - paint this house and make it look real Oh I go inside NOPE just a painting
  • Drawing woman boobs - yess!! Hot lady boobs, here they are, ma'am.
  • Computer arst - teach a computer to draw so you do not have to do this it is better anyway
  • Draw a soldier on a horse holding a sword - he is brave warrior
  • Anime Japanimations - how to put sailor suit on eye freak
  • Sculpt skeleton smoke a marijuana pipe and "DEATHWEED" over statue but in bones - HALLOWEEN?
  • Bronze statue of oligarch's favorite horse - he win Karachayevsky Derby
  • Melt giant hammer and sickle to make replica klingon knives - good knife for fighting dog biting you on train

Up and coming field hook on to the cyber land and download the future. Worlds Wide Wep of bicebs of digital strenght in information age. Only best Soviet computer expert return to teach at state of art facility in elektrogorsk including 8 micro computer, desk top publisher, a heat suplimantation printer and 1 large computer. Now get degree and major in skills:

Download to upload - put computer files "up"

Robot man commands - make perfect eggs robot man...hmmm...pretty good *throws egg in robot man's face* but I said make perfect eggs.

Robot woman commands - run sexboobs.bat

Medicine technologie - put a dog head on a tajik and forever curse a dog to speak the ugly pig sound of tajik words.

Design your own robot - make him (or HER???) expert on whatever you want from bicebs to coarse grain breads.

Space - about space and what's up there? Is there a planet just like this one with a man as strong as hyurgi? NO it is not a possible thing.

Tajik computer virus - they make virus and they are snakes on bellies with venom.

Fitness program - lift KETTLEBELLS. Get strenght. Dot coms.

Computer animation - Pizzars make hey woodie dot com upload to movie theaters adventures of bus lieyears.

YOU are ready for graduation. Do you feel the vigoration of knowledge pumping through your bicebs and to your warrior heart? This is the moment. You wait all those days on the computer for this magic moment.

– HYURGI TIGERWOODS (@sexyfacts4u)

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