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Is this a dream? Is this the real life? Could it be this good? YTES!!!

It is real good dream.

There are many types you can get of an educations. Go onto computer www.diploma.blogspot.hyrugi.edrucation for SYLBAUS. Look at many classes our offering:

Capitalism is new way of whole world. Isn't world better than when communism was half of world? You bet! So much freedom to drink vodka until blind and wrestle grandfather in muddy street while stray dogs try to bite your hair.

  • here is my shop at electrogorsk mall between class, get wife block for anniversary (other one is for me)Open a greengrocer store - beet is recession proof
  • Open a kissing room - good for a laugh
  • Open a no clothes kissing room - this is popular option
  • Open a DVD Blu ray truck sale store - get blue ray truck and profit
  • Open a mercenaries - we need to guard petroleum pipe from chechen people who do not believe oil sharing
  • Open Jet G5 dealers - you need to spend some jets to make some jets
  • Open a place to buy hashish give Hyurgi number so he can check this out - discount???
  • Work from home inside former nuclear bunker - sirens go every night at one minute til midnight
  • Smuggle party ladies to USA for stripper clubs - parties/craig's lists for good money
  • Become oligarch - you did it you graduate
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