Thank you for using the Internet Writers Guild of America Registry service. The Internet Writers Guild of America Registry is the best way to protect your writing, artwork or other intellectual property you post online. For a $50 fee, the Internet Writers Guild of America Registry documents your authorship of a work and assigns it an official IWGA serial number, safeguarding the work against potential plagiarism.

To register your work, please complete the following fields:



Credit Card Number: (note: due to recent market fluctuations, the IWGA no longer accepts payment in Bitcoins)

Title of Work:

Description of Work: (pick one)

Cat-themed image macro

Completely logical polemic of feminism

Webcomic about two gamers and a sassy robot

Slam poem about Super Mario Brothers

Compound insult containing "ass" or "lord"

List-based comedy article

iPhone video documenting your ongoing gang stalking

"Adult" artwork of popular cartoon characters

Forum post chronicling your struggles with incontinence

Innovative new slang for gay sex

Vlog describing the rationale behind your new haircut

Unlikely video mashup of an 80s movie with another 80s movie

Perfectly executed "that's what she said" or "literally" comment on facebook

Random forum username of doom

Multivolume Autobots fanfiction saga

Hardcore rap about Unix

10,000-word thesis on why Atlas Shrugged in the greatest book ever written and Ayn Rand's corpse should be elected president

Blog entry lamenting your parents' refusal to call you "Night Rain"

Damning photographic evidence of chemtrails

Photoshop of Ron Paul throwing president Obama into Mt. Doom

Other (describe)

File: Please upload a copy of your work

Please note that registry with the Internet Writers Guild of America does not constitute an actual copyright; however, in the event of a lawsuit, we promise to send a representative to testify on your behalf; or failing this, we will definitely send an email to containing vague legal threats and/or a disguised Rickroll link.

– Internet Writers Guild of America (@notoriousamoeba)

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