Hour 66: I prayed Jesus today that if he saves us I will change my ways. When I get back to Japan I am going to be a kogal girl. I want to drop out and be exactly like I am now but smaller and a girl with a fake tan and a loooooot of makeup and a fun attitude. I would also like a cat-like creature that says "Myoo!" all the time. Amen.

Idea: backpacks that look and feel like breasts. Giant breasts full of miniature meat candies wrapped in dissolving rice paper.

Hour 80: It's over. Jlist, my life, the world...everything. The main level is flooded. Second floor is a sewer of excrement and broken novelty sake sets and bento boxes. We're eating the One Piece merchandise and burning 120 dollar Neo Genesis art books for warmth. I dreamed about the end of all nations and that I was a maid serving sake from a Happy Tanuki set to Shigeru Miyamoto. All of the bright colors and anime figurines are covered in filth. Cannibalism is coming soon. I can feel it.

Hour 91: I'd given up. I'd made my peace and was ready to die. I looked into the sky and Lupin III looked back. Minutes later a Russian fishing boat found us and pulled us out of the water. I don't know if this means Lupin III is real, but I think when we get ashore I am going to try to be his wife. Thank you for buying our animes.

In honor of anime and maid costumes and weird food, please consider donating to the Red Cross. You could probably get up to some real trouble with that money otherwise. J-List, who as far as I know aren't lost at sea, are also donating 5% of all items sold to disaster relief. Not everything they sell is creepy anime figurines.

– Peter Payne (@sexyfacts4u)

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