Publishing a list of what's coming to Netflix is a cheap, easy way to get hits. So let's get started!

A Documentary About Voting Rights You'll Mean To Try, Then Watch Bob's Burgers Instead

Buckle Up For A Megaton Fuckload Of Major Dad Reruns

Fourteen Stand-Up Specials Somehow Involving Shaquille O'Neal

SeaQuest DSV (Sorry)

Wilfred? Sure, Why Not

Tyler Perry Presents: It's Bad

Oscar Winning Old People Having Sex: The Movie

Fruitvale Station

Eleven Things Where The Thumbnail Is A Girl Taking A Selfie


Something With A Sexy Lady On The Cover, But It's About Human Trafficking, You Creep

Is Tonight The Night You Watch Jiro Dreams Of Sushi? Huh? Is It? Fuck It, Let's Watch Scrubs

Thanks to Palpek for the Photoshops!

– Asterios "President Baby" Kokkinos (@asterios)

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