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Kim Jong Il Visits 106th Kim Jong Il Tank Guards Division in Kim Jong Il City in Kim Jong Il Military Command Region

Delicious Eggs Renamed "Kim Il Sungs" in Honor of Reunification Ideals of Revolutionary Leader Kim Il Sung

Kim Jong Il Breaks Health Machine at Advanced Korea Hospital with Health Intensity and Vigor, "Too Much Health!" Cries Doctor

Dear Leader Scrutinizes Truth of Army Formations and Discovers New Method to Defeating USA Invaders of South: "More Artillery Guns"

Russia Science Advisors Visit Korea to Learn Intense Secret of Ultra Efficient Atomic Peace

Workers Party of Korea Enjoys the Single-hearted Benefit of Unified Purpose and Volunteers for 1/6th Reduced Rice Ration

Hero Orchard Near Front Demonstrates Authority of North Korea Apples

Science Expert: New Hero Mineral Discovered Superior to All Other Minerals "Il Sunganese"

USA Dogs Envious of Heroes' Bridge in Pyongyang Supplying River Crosses to Three Cars at Once

Hero Satellite Will Provide Truth of Space and Measure USA Puny Size, Correcting Distorted Map

Barbed Wire Named Hero Fence of Special Disobedience District in Region of Maximum Contempt

"God is a Decadent Lie and Da Creek Did Rise": USA Celebrates Fifth Year of Destruction of Orleans District By USA Army Sabotage

USA Youth Slaves to Japanese Imperialists, View Animation Recordings of Child Skirts at Decadent Otakucon

USA Great Export: South Korea Pig Dog Rotunds Die in Streets From Fat and Weakness, Fearful of Slim DPRK Population

"I did it all and I am a bad person," Black Tiger Wood Bad at Golf From Money and Decadence

DPRK Ambassador Hu Long Su to Replace Executed Traitor Ambassador Wu Song Lu and Resume Stalled Pizza Trade Agreement With Italy

Rich Get Richer: Hypercapitalist Obama Uses USA Workers' Labor to Pay Investing Banks and Luxury Car Makers

"AIDS Everywhere," Says UN Report of Gay World Horror Spread of Gay Disease By Western Sexual Men and Women at Worst High

Morose Japanese Youths Suicide to Trains at Certain Failure of Capitalist Nightmare

We-Station Electric Game of DPRK Available in 2014, Can Play Games "Respect of Leader Kart", "Revolutionary Castle Jin Dracula", and "Legend of Most Beautiful Juche Woman"

One Million Girls Twirl For Three Hours to Commemorate Heroic Nap of Kim Jong Il on August 16th, 2004

1080P People's Video Stadium Crowd Drills to Recreate DVD Playback By Flipping Colored Placards of "Roadhouse"

Kidnapped Japanese Director Barely Resists Instruction to Film Ultimate Erotic Godzilla Film

Intense Joy as New DPRK Luxury Automobile "Rolled Roys" Now Available in Color Gray and Dark Gray for People's Party Leadership Commanders

USA Movie Avatar to Be Remade Better by Kim Jong Il on Real Planet Pandora Which is Discovered by 66th Helicopter Prison Squadron in Revolutionary Memorial Mineral Region

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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