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Saleh flees, cheering crowd stitches together pieces of fabric to make USA and Israel flags

Populace praises Predators: "Rain drone missiles upon the wicked and nearby schools!"

POLLS: Al Qaeda member falls to second place in local village election for Bearded Elder to Watch and Judge All Acts of Town

Tribal children not immediately burned for dancing after daylight hours

CORRECTION: Black vans with Iranian license plates spotted late at night at soccer stadium actually downed weather balloon

Super fuck man Saleh pushes wife out of helicopter, "This is my helicopter, goodbye dumb shit men."

"I hate Yemen fuck it," says injured and stupid Saleh as he boards flight for Israel to marry Jew whore

Vice President carries out final wishes of Salah and kisses a man's feet, "It was his greatest dream."

Visiting Iranian tourists in black vans discover Yemeni pro-democracy leaders massacred in ditch, "Was definitely secret police" says man in track suit holding silenced pistol

Loyalist intelligence service confiscates tapes of motivational beheadings, records over with Sex and City 2 gayporno

Yemen freedom friends closes deal with USA arms companies, this time weapons will not fall into hands of Al Qaeda instantly

Position on Israel softens from "drown them in the blood of their children" to "drown them in the blood of their pets"

New Iranian embassy to include extensive welcome center, extensive Shahab-4 launchers

Yemen's new leaders request assistance developing a stable democracy from experienced freedom fighters in tribal regions of Pakistan

Body of Haaretz reporter accidentally reduced to cubes and fed to jackals returned to Jerusalem as gesture of something

Defensive protection of property and for security roadside bomb to hide in dog carcass

Portia's favorite ginger-iced mojito cupcake

Chocolate explosion shaped charge penetrator with ooey-gooey fudge filling

Rocky road marshmallow and upside down claymore buried under moose tracks

Mini-cupcake belt to be worn under clothing at election rallies

IPO of three daughters highly anticipated at upcoming Chamr daughter auction

Chinese Internet oases will offer wi-fi, air-conditioned yurts, gold farming jobs to nomadic tribesmen

French telecom installs cell infrastructure, promises 3G and texting for cars driving up to USA embassy

Glut of feminine young boys threatens to crash dowry market in Al Mahwit

Ministry of Business and Arranged Child Marriages reopens, approves stalled daughter-for-dromedary merger of nomad families

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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