First, the bad news for Trump supporters: It's rigged.

Everything is rigged; the media, the polls, the elections, and maybe even the ancestor simulation we live in being run by unseen computers. There is nothing a cadre of hackers can do before November 28th to shift seven points nationally. There are just too many mysterious dead Latinos willing to vote multiple times and politically correct sheeple offended by locker room talk. They can't be defeated by unskewing the polls.

The system will not allow Donald J. Trump to become president. That does not mean the movement he has created has to die with his campaign. Think about how sick people are of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Imagine how much sicker they will be of her by 2020 after she has started a nuclear war with Russia.

The atmosphere by 2019 will be ripe for change and I present to you the ultimate change agent:



  • Deadly. His mastery of Aikido and knowledge of firearms makes him so deadly that Secret Service agents will no longer be needed to protect him.
  • Healthy. Might keep Michelle Obama's vegetable garden. He likes carrots very much.
  • Lyrical. He want the punaani, see for make nice. In other words, his ravishing dance hall patois will turn America's daughters into big hole gyals.

That's it. All the cons. There is nothing else objectionable or negative to say about Steven Seagal. He is ready for duty. Now it's up to America and the man himself to put a stop to Hillary Clinton in 2020.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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