Take Charge Buff Bros Swing Hose (66 ratings)
Upped By: MasternCDR ( 41 ratings)
Category: Amateur
Tags: Share,
Backyard, Lawn & Garden, Bros, Adult, Consensual, Verbal, Non-Violent, Work, Nudity
User Review:
saw those abs now im a be-liever by lacy
great amateur rod stuff. good share and friendly usually military or whatever which i like but this is even better. look at those hunks lol
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all work and no rod make ma a dull gal
Wonderful :)

Those boys are great. I saw them in Hickory's posts. I think he knows them. The way they share and take turns and when the little one can't quite hold the hose the big fella comes over and takes it from him. Soooooo cute. Wish I could rod these three ;) Let them kick up their heels and have some lemonade. My ds and dd just leave all the work to me so they never need any. Keep up the great posts!!!! <3

Captain Fart

~fartz, sir~

Re: obamad's post

we wouldn't be in this economic position if the republicans hadnt fucked everything up with dregulation. You can call it socialism all you want you ignorant redneck dipshit, but the banks would fail if we didn't do it. Also his birth certificate was released earlier in the campaign so that's basically retarded as I'm sure you know. and union salary is more like 55 dollars not 75 maybe you should take sean hannitys dick out of your ear


fuck navy i start my own

put a clothes on american fuck

what the fuck is this cowboy???? shit on this kill a fucker this is the worst yet go home to your fucky achey breaky mountains kiss a boy hoses for firemen and lady leg


mess with the best die like the rest

not so buff

look like maybe could bench 220 I can bench 350 which is ur moms wait lol good rod though
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