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Teen, Adult, Consensual, Non-Consensual, Verbal, Future, Communo, Iraq, Retirement, Heroism, Patton, Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, Military, Guns, Violent, Non-Violent, Work, Job, Nudity
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missing from list by mastercheif
how about wall-e?? great recent rod. crimson tide is classic any hornblower at all should be on there. you got all the sci fi and you finished out good with the moby dick altho i would go for patrick stewart version you could do star trek into moby dick lol NUMBER ONE LOL
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try to take MY ship!?

great list once again but what song is that you used during the adama part?? working on a gundam rod amv and i think it would work perfect

Captain Fart

~fartz, sir~

re: o_rally

i agree o_rally pols are the best rod. How about add to your list rumsfeld and brownie heckuva job? botched katrina and iraq... or maybe alberto gonzalez...oh wait he 'resigned" lol maybe if you could see past the rethuglican talking points for two seconds you would realize that not everyone has been brainwashed by the right wing loonies


fuck navy i start my own

another bull shitted on my computer screen

you captain needa choke on my dick sally fuck why you make a list full of bull shit and bull turd little piece of turd called number seven are you kidding cuba gooding junior fuckuba badding fucker senior this is shit hole list for your hole FUCK YOU


abm always be mutineering
Uhh, think you forgot number one...

<-------- see av

How could you leave the tide off?


– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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