Hoo Boys! I am getting this picture all mixed up again!Hello again friends and reader types of computer book "Something is Up", I am glad to making the acquaintance with you. Writer type Zack "Guide of Betters" Parsons is being gone towards this day and I am filling in for the times being. Now I am telling you how excited I was to be premiering my game softwares on "Something is Up" in the weeks of bygone days. This is excitement moment in industry of wrestling and also the industries of computers. It is fusion of talents for the educations and the betterments of the youths. I am also hoping that some fun is being had by you if you are attempting to be enjoying the game, if this is not to happen then okay, I am give try, which is 110% of all I have.

I am often times make to receive letters from fan-types and friendly readers who are giving the inquiries about my pasts and presents. It is a busy workaday world for Yours Truly so I am not taking time and again to answer all of these letters, but I am answering the ones today. You see there is one type of letter that is coming up at all times in the computer post office and it is saying "El Pinto Grande, you are so great a wrestler that the sands of the hours glass have never seen before. I am in the awe of your skills in the squares circle, but why are you speaking the English not so good?" So I am answer letter now, here is the letter I am made to get in the crazy computer laser post office.

Dear El Pinto Grande,
You are handsome and proud in the tradition of many of the best Mexican luchadors and I look forward to each of your articles. As a child of Hispanic ancestry I often look to your articles for inspiration, you could almost say that I deify you. I know you are a very busy man, but please, allow me to indulge my curiosity and make a small inquiry. Why is it, my good man, that your grammar is so deplorable?
Best of luck,
Juanita Gonzalez (Age 8)

I thank you very much for your kind words of soulful remembrances Juanita. Many fan types are made to think my grammar is so terrible because I speak English wrong, but this is only half true, I also am bad speaker of Spanish, and this is El Pinto charm. Vea, mi español está en triste apenas como mi charla americana. This not just how El Pinto write, also how El Pinto talk. So if you are given to concern over the state of affairs in the grammar departments of Yours Truly I am just saying now to "relax Juanita and do not have the cow."This is uncanniest likeness I am findy of the Theodore on goggles dot come computer books.I am recently going to the vacations. No one on earth besides maybe Mexican dancing woman who is making with the gyrations for the American business man in Tijuana deserve vacation time more than Yours Truly. I send paper to boss wrestler saying "I request vacation time" about four years ago, and I finally get back that I can take two day off from wrestling. This is being the good thing because I am starting to get burned out on all the scheme of fellow wrestler. Long time fan and many reader know that last month I have to dress up like gorilla to sneak in and beat wrestler, therefore making help to friend and fellow type wrestler Sombrero Largo. After release from zoo and celebrate time of Sombrero Largo's victory and ownership of title belt, I sleep off some of the wilds celebrations and go into the works for practices the next day.

That when I get paper saying "two days for the most incredible of wrestling sensations El Pinto Grande to take and recover for next fight time". I have fill of going to the zoos with the families and going to the dancing places with the friend type Sombrero Largo so I am giving to decide I spend my time away from rectangular circle with my loving like family on the outings. I drive through country to little-known hideaway where I can spend some "us" time with family. Being international star type mean also I am big celebrity and get wild cheers from villages I drive through on way to hideaway. Fan show how much they love me by kicking side of car and throwing rocks and bottle of tequila filled with car-go water that lights up and make car burn. I smile and wave and make fan cheer even more and kick even harder and throw even more burn bottles.

When wife Malita and El Pinto Grande and Large Son go to hideaway we enjoy much special talk and special activity. I teach son how to do shots of the harder drinks only in toddler types cup that no make spills unless you tip all the way upside down like vertical suplex and I laugh when he is saying "hot" in that crazy voice of his, even though wife not getting joke.

Once world in happy haze and Yours Truly is made to feel very apart from my body, I go walk along lake with wife and son. Many fond type memories come to head while walking on lake. I remember how father used to bring me there to fish and we catch many fish with arms. Fish have arms because American Plastics Ltd. is having waste storage place that sometime seep into lake. I am not being not overly fond of smell, but fish okay as long as you know how to punch them or put them in submission hold so they tap out and climb into frying pan.

After walk I think to share such memory with Large Son so I am going to take him back to lake with things that fisherman use for fish catching. We make catch of several fighters that give much trouble, because they get much bigger since I was last make catch of fish at lake. Now fish weigh as much as insect theme wrestler The Bug Kahuna, who like tower of flesh but not all muscle, and we have to try and argue with fish until it get into our catch bucket. Finally fish which so big and unfishlike it have name of Theodore agree, but catch bucket too small and it look like legless scaly man on toilet sitting with just bottom part in catch bucket. Other fish we make catch of not so agreeable as Theodore, they punch and slap with big arms and try and take son to bottom of lake where they most likely have underwater skillet where they fry up people. I very scared when we return to hideaway that I almost cry.

I make son type promise never to speak of what transpire at lake, also make swear of Theodore, who turn out to be not bad guy at all as far as yours truly concerned. I bring him to hideaway and wife scream and fall over in sudden sleep. I invited Theodore to dinner and we talk about good old days when fish were fish and men were men and never did the two interbreed in soup of chemicals creating horrid half man/half fish that not sterile but actual reproduce and evolve ability to speak. I not understand many concept this Theodore lay out for me, but he understand wrestle very well and say he have secret hope of becoming wrestler. I suggest he come back with me and join forces with yours truly and Sombrero Largo to have threesomes of best wrestlers.

I not get into what happen with Theodore named fish when we return. Wife not very happy about way he smell in car ride home, but wife is good and not take unhappy words to the point that she is make Yours Truly get to the hurting.

A Delicious Photoshop Phriday

Hello, Livestock here to let you cats know that there is a hip new Photoshop Phriday up and ready to be consumed. This week the Forum Goons turned famous books and movies into breakfast cereals. The results were both educational and amusing, so you really can't lose. Here is a sneak peak:

Start your day right with a healthy helping of a Photoshop Phriday!

– El Pinto Grande (@sexyfacts4u)

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