22 Things From the 90s That You Will Never See Again (You'll Feel Super Old)

1. Polly Pocket

These things were tiny! Remember? Remember how many of our sisters died by inhaling Polly Pockets?

2. Parker Lewis

The foxy teen with a loud fashion sense who simply couldn't lose! This was definitely a 90s thing. We veritably remember it.

3. The other guy from Parker Lewis (Mikey?)

Parker's best bud! Usually wore a hat. Maybe kind of tough? Oh, who the fuck cares.

4. Candles

Good luck finding one of these in the age of the iPhone!

5. The Soup Dragons

Their hit song "Unbelievable" took the airwaves by storm in the 90s, but these dragons have slurped their last bowl!

6. Motherfucking SCIENCE haha WIN

Space shuttle! Into motherfucking SPACE! Bill Clinton.

7. Jooky! It's a party in a can!

Jooky make you really kooky, jooky make you MANLY MAN! Haha! This was a thing on TV.

8. Northern Exposure

I don't think we ever saw this, but here's the important part: we remember it. From the 90s.

9. Francium

I heard about this ONCE in high school, and then never again! Where did you go, sweet francium?

10. The Remains of the Day

Anthony Hopkins turns in a creepy performance in this slow-paced Merchant-Ivory thriller from 1995 (one of the 90s).

11. Troll Dolls

Their hair was OFF THE CHAIN, dude!

12. Parker Lewis's nerd friend

I think this guy had a bunch of stuff in his coat, but the details are lost to history. Perhaps future 90s archaeologists will be able to verify this.

13. Munky from KORN

Haha! KORN! I don't know which one of these guys in Munky, but one of them definitely is.

14. Parker Lewis's principal, Miss Musso, and her weird assistant

Lemmer? Lemur? Something like that.

15. Your Parents' Divorce

Sorry to bring this one up, but we can't talk about the 90s without talking about your parents splitting up, dude.

16. Greg Evigan in the final season of "My Two Dads"

He was the Bart Simpson to Paul Reiser's Jerry Seinfeld. I think his couch looked like car.

17. Did we already say Polly Pocket?

These things were fresh as heck.

18. Greg Evigan in TekWar

William Shatner had something to do with this whole thing, I think. I'm not sure. The 90s were so long ago, and I'm so, so tired... so very tired.

19. Were Frisbees a 90s Thing?

I think so?

20. Greg Evigan, just in general

Yeah, that name kept coming up in the 90s. He was a real thing.

21. What was that thing with the stuffed dog with puppies inside it? FUck

Not Pound Puppies. But that's close... something like that, but not quite. I'm still going to count this as us remembering this, though.

22. Junior High

Good thing we won't be seeing THIS again, am I right? C'mon guys, let's get out of here.

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