Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales recently posted a personal appeal to users of Wikipedia in an attempt to increase donations to his Wikimedia Foundation and keep the user-editable encyclopedia advertising-free.

Jimmy Wales Appealing Things

An appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales

An appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales is an appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales.[1] Wales wrote the appeal for users of the website Wikipedia, which Wales founded, in addition to the Wikimedia Foundation, which he founded in 2003. The appeal was for donations to keep Wikipedia free of advertisements. [citation needed]


Well-informed wikipedions, editors, and administrators have been engaging in a very heated discussion on the subject matter of this appeal in the most important and influential corners of the wikipedia community.[2] The primary source of conflict is the lack of transparency in Wales and the WIkimedia Foundation's accounting for donations.

In a very convincing blog entry entitled "LIES!"[3] wikipedia admin kitsune_yiffs described how wikipedia was run by "two kinds of assholes: stupid assholes and greedy assholes." Although he did not say which category Jimmy Wales falls into, kitsune_yiffs implied he was both a stupid and a greedy asshole.

The appeal has not been written about by a print source and many also believe the appeal is non-notable and should be deleted.


Jimmy Wales is a vain Randian retardate who took away many very qualified people's admin accounts at wikipedia when he was caught editing his own biography like a narcissistic asshole.[4] He continues to eat my balls. [citation needed]

Many extremely important members of the Wiki community have spoken out against the appeal. The appeal written by Wales was poorly sourced and consisted almost completely of original research[5] on the subject of the Wikimedia Foundation's financial disposition. When questioned about this on his profile page Wales did not respond to me so I immediately edited that into this page.[6][7]

Jimmy Wales has not made the appeal editable by the users of Wikipedia. Because he is a cat buttfucker.[8]


Since the Wikimedia fundraiser is still going on it is impossible to know whether or not this worked, but everyone who has posted about it say there is no way it worked. [9]

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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