#13: Josh.exe

Josh has a terrible problem, ladies and gentlemen: he is addicted to video games. He loves the blips, the bloops, the extra 1-ups, the lightning bolts, and the STR mana potions. He can't get enough hot and heavy video game playing action, electing to dedicate his spare time to this ungodly, unholy activity. Soon this addictive behavior catches up with him, and he finds his entire life ruined by his full time hobby of not-so-professional gaming. So what does Josh decide to do? Make a video game about it, of course! Thanks, Josh, for Josh.exe! I will now stop playing video games forever, at least until another one is released.

#12: The Groundskeeper

Okay, so we like totally found the most bitchin' groundskeeper. He rocks at keeping ground. Every piece of ground he keeps, BAM, it's like totally groundkept. He's pretty much the coolest, most awesome dude to have around. Flaws? Heck, I can't list a single thing wrong with him. Guy is absolutely perfect. Okay, okay, well if you force me to pick one, maybe his tendency to murder families could be considered a downside. Or the time he pushed me down a well and trapped me there for reasons unknown. Oh, and I guess technically our land is decrepit and unkempt, but I mean besides all that, he's absolutely groundskeeper #1, man. Long live Studsworth!!!

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