This last page is dedicated to our friend Gary. In a frontpage article I once plagiarized from someone else, I included a picture he submitted. It was a roughly 2000x2000 MSPaint picture that looked something like this.

I took the liberty of shrinking it down so you can view the entire picture on a single monitor. Well, I hit a nerve with Gary, who was apparently drunk enough to read one of my updates. He, having been wronged by me, dispatched three e-mails in machine gun succession.

you recently had a picture of mine on your SA front page, citing it as an example of what not to do. That's fair enough, It was shit. (the mandalorian mounties one) But, I have since improved my photoshop talents, so I'd like you to peruse these pics, and hopefully you can show your readers that I have improved a little bit, at least.


Here is another of my 'amazing' photoshopped images - topical too. Along with the others I sent you, this should tip the balance in favour of me, neutralizing that crappy Canadian Boba fett image. What do you think?


here is my most recent pic. along with the others I sent you today, I think you must agree that I am getting much better than my original Canadian Boba fett submission.

I'm all about making corrections, so I want you guys to see the improved work Gary is now putting out. BOMBS AWAY!

It should be noted most of those images were originally around 2000x2000, so there was some quality loss when I reduced them to a normal human size. Has he improved? Hell if I can tell. Big thanks to everybody who e-mails me terrible images. Seriously, when I do get the courage to enter my inbox, it's always rewarding to get really poorly made images. I'm not being sarcastic there, either. In fact, keep it up! It makes life more interesting.

With all that done, I think we can call this a Phriday! Happy July 4th everyone, especially those of you who aren't American and have no idea what true freedom really feels like. Some day we will free you from your evil governments. Be sure to stop by next week when the SA Forum Goons put on a delightful little play that combines "Death of a Salesman" with the thrill of monster truck racing.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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