Thanks. I've been looking for the rap profiles of Naruto characters.

I don't know what happened to this image but it's a great idea. All posts should eventually fade to black so they don't ramble on forever and ever. It's like when the winners at award shows get played off with music if their speech goes on way too long.

I hope Bill O'Reilly goes after these rappers.

When Jesus takes all the believers into heaven, does your credit score follow you? I've got a lot of debt and this would be helpful to know.

If I ran school I would let play video games but only Knuckles Chaotix as a sort of ironic punishment.

Yes we all love Shaman King. You don't have to shout!

Thank you for your gigantic ass sig. With every worthless contribution you make to the Internet, at least people will know what the song of the week is.

If they are real they should've been put to sleep years ago.

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