What is emo? Most people don't know or care but we wanted to find out. For help understanding what emo truly is we went to Emo Corner, the Delta hub of emo culture.

Emo,yes it is short for emotional. But,there is more to emo then hair and looks. Emo is a state of mind. Most people,made them selves appear emo. While in reality,they have to much hope to be emo. Emo is much like goth. But,goth is Darker. Emo is more emotional,harder to fake. Yes,some emos cut themselves,but there is more than that. Emo is one of the hardest things,to explain. People hate emos,b/c they view us as suicidal,cry babies,or just week. That's NOT what emo is. Suicidal yes,at times. But,don't judge me for being emo. It's not what I chose to be. It's just what I am.

So emo is an entire Internet culture based on being a sadsack? That's what we thought it was all along! There was no misunderstanding. It's the emos that don't know what emo really is.

people can't be emo, emo doesn't not stand for emotional, and none of the music you listen to is emo...

But wait, the other paragraph just said... oh never mind. Maybe we'll discover what it is to be truly emo when we read over 40 posts consisting of "HELP IM GUNNA KILL MYSELF IM REALLY GUNNA DO IT!!!"

Before we get to the posts, here's a little preview of all the wonderful topics that await you at Emo Corner.

Listen you little queer, just post some pictures of you kissing your new boyfriend because that's apparently all the rage in the emo scene. I've got a bottle of Vaseline and a pack of tissues here. I can wait all day if I have to.

26?! That's so mature!

I got a tattoo of an Iris on my cock because my grandmother was named Iris so whenever I have unprotected anal sex with a twinky looking emo guy it reminds of my grandmother Iris.

My professor wants to flunk me because I don't conform to his beliefs and ideas. Who the fuck says one plus one equals two? I don't play by anyone else's rules.

Damn, I really wish I had an older emo brother to tease growing up. It sounds like so much fun.

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