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For as long as I can remember there have been websites devoted to hating a certain thing, whether it be anime, Sailor Moon, Star Trek, Star Wars, what have you. The problem with these sites it that the people who run them are usually no better than the morons who like the shit they are professing to hate. It's like the kawaii otaku ^_^ person is one end of the spectrum and the person devoting hours of their time to hating that person is the other end. Both are morons and the only sane person is the guy in the middle calling them both fags and moving on. I'm that person.

This section is my big, "Fuck you!" to people who love or hate television shows, movies, or specific genres of either type to such a degree that they devote time and effort to speak out for or against companies that really couldn't give a flying fuck either way. There are people out there who vigorously defend Final Fantasy games whenever someone says the least bit negative thing about them. Guess what? Squaresoft doesn't give a rats ass if you like their game or not. You aren't doing public relations for Square. You don't work for Squaresoft. Just stop it. They want your money, not your undying admiration. Enjoy the game, enjoy the movie, enjoy the show. Talk about them with your friends. Reccomend them to other people. Write a review and post it on your website. Just don't spend the better part of your day replying to newsgroups and message boards with shit like, "ANIME SUCKS YOU FUCKING FAG DIE!!!" Don't spend hours verbally sucking the cock of each company that produces some queer fucking show you like.

...unless they are giving you lots of money to do so. Like IGN does.

Anime should not be banned but you know what should? Arguing about it like fucking morons.

You sure showed me!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I saw this anime once where girls had dicks on their nipples and the dicks were spewing out shit.

You heard him guys. Let SephyChan know how you feel about anime or anything else.

Do you have anything better to do than complain about people who complain about anime? I know I have nothing better to do than complain about people who complain about people complaining about anime.

I ain't fer it I'm a-gin it.

Okay then!

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