Eyes on Final Fantasy

It's a Final Fantasy Forum. What more can I say? I can say, "butt".

Presenting the men of Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums!

A calender will be released soon.

I'm too sexy for my video games. Too sexy for my wallscroll. Too sexy for my posts. So sexy uh huh. I'm too sexy for my anime drawings. Too sex for my bondage scat hentai. Too sexy for my Rinoa rape fan fiction. So sexy for sure.

"The best meat's in the rump!"

A debt collection agency demanding that you pay them for all the bounced checks you wrote to the local anime store run by some sweaty fat ass who still sleeps with his parents when the night light is in the shop for repairs is not considered stalking.

Call the the police. Tell them the case is closed. This mystery was solved by "Mydreamsalready"! Nothing to see here folks.

The internet is a very scary place.

How would you know? Zing!

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