National Institute of Record Archive, submitted by Trevor. Seeing as how we just spent time talking about the evils of crab monsters, it's important we take a little time to address the real enemy: the American Government. Like Hard Shell, they're blowing lots of bubbles and looking tough, but that doesn't mean no one is willing to take them to school. The "National Institute of Record Archive" or "National Archive American Nation," whatever this site is called, does that in more. Not only do they cover the glorious Nationalist Movement, but they also cover the rightful heir to the thrown of the Kingdom of America: some bummed out looking guy named Marc.

His Royal Highness, Marc Eric Ely-Chaitlin, succeeded his grandfather, the first Prince of Ely, 7 December, 1973, as traditional Chief of the Elys, and 2nd Prince of Ely. On 4 July, 1974, His Highness invoked the authority of his rank as a prince of the House of David to assume the authority and style of the Cardinal of the Green Standard.

Oh, okay.

On 27 December, 1975, His Royal Highness founded the family alliance of Ely-Chatelaine, assuming the style of Prince of Ely-Chatelaine. One year later His Highness' title was changed to 'king', the Indo-European term for chief.

No kidding?

In the greater effort to restore traditional authority and legitimate government, His Highness launched the Nationalist Movement 11 April, 1993, by the Cry of Stillwater Bay, (the traditional name of Capistrano Bay).

Good enough for me! All hail Marc, the true leader of America!

If you're looking for more reasons to hate the government and are eager to hand control of America over to some guy named Marc, I highly recommend you do everything you can to support this wonderful and very realistic movement.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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