Andrea's Planet, submitted by Jennifer.Ladies and gentlemen, I am in love. I have been swept off my feet by somebody named Andrea. Oh sweet, sweet Andrea, how I love thee so! Andrea is everything I look for in a partner: loyal, beautiful, in tune with nature, web-savvy, gorgeous long hair, and has an affinity for goats. When you enter the magical land that is Andrea's website, you are betwixed by the hauntingly delightful midi musical background, a wide array of stunning portraits capturing Andrea's angelic form, and sprinkles of philosophy adorn this site to teach, as well as entertain. Is there anything Andrea can't do?I'm so in love.

Isn't he a gem?! This site is a rare, sparkling diamond amongst all the other coals that litter the Internet. You may be questioning why I have made this an awful link. The answer is that it is awful Andrea is so alone and deserves legions of friends and lovers. I have to say, my favorite section of the site are the masterfully performed musical pieces dedicated to our friend, Nature.

Whenever you are singing without any reason, just for joy, then you are happy, in peace with yourself. Especially when I'm singing simple and not some famous music then the sound and the words are all invented on the moment, directly from my heart, and I enjoy it if you want to hear something from my heart. Just choose one song to download. It is only a simple voice.

I especially like his piece, "H-ey, H-ey, H-ey, H-ey". It's about trees or something. But not only is Andrea a model/philosopher/musician, he also dabbles in art. We are treated with a picture of a gleeful dolphin, but wait! This is no ordinary dolphin! It's a mosaic dolphin. He has pretty hair.

Andrea is horribly alone and afraid so please feel free to contact him by sending him an e-mail or text messaging his cell phone. Please, no fatties.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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