JaimyLooner.com, submitted by Ballunatic. A woman with huge breast implants pops balloons on video for that particular creepy fetish scene. You know, the one where everybody got molested while the clown was tying the balloon animals. It was so hard for him to tie them one-handed like that and it just went pop right as he...nevermind.

She had long blonde hair, a great body with long legs and great tits! She didn't wear a bra often and had hard nipples all the time so it was quite a sight! BTW, if you haven't guessed already...I'm bi. ; )

Seeing her blow up balloons was a huge turn on and frankly made me wet. Thankfully I wasn't a guy because I would've had a hard on all the time and my secret would've been out.

I think I see people blow up balloons maybe once every six months. These guys must have it rough, so kudos, I guess, to her for filling that void.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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