Fucking for Forest, submitted by Barium. Warning: Not Safe for Work! Given this site's horrid design, colors, and fonts, it's hard to tell what exactly, aside from no good, is going on. Apparently it's some genius attempt to mate pornography with forest conservation, which is of course entirely too logical.

Fuckforforest is a non-profit organization. The project is run by openly sexual people, who use their sexuality and love to direct attention to and collect money for the earth`s threatened nature.

If you like our idea and want to support nature and FFF, please become a member. Enter the members area and get access to thousands of photos and videos of erotic activists, showing you real idealism!

Is there a better way to save the world than to have skanky raver girls attempt to give venereal diseases to trees? I hope so, or we're all doomed. Not only does this site make saving the forests unappealing, it makes pornography unappealing. Way to destroy two natural resources at once, jerks! The site says, "Live like animals, Just being a part of nature, celebrating life." Somehow animals have more dignity when they do it.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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