Crypt of the Lost Souls, submitted by Roland. In sticking with the theme of today's update, here is a website filled with angst called the "Crypt of the lost souls." Filled with horrifying satanism and gothic-ness, it's a testament to hell that the dark lord himself could be proud of. It's run by a 16 year old boy named Chris who could most definitely pass for a 14 year old girl.

Magick Is Energy From The Universe (and earth wich is in the universe lol) and from gods....most people draw magick from nature or deity's but mages are known too use there own. the nergy is formd together with concentration and thought..and then the energy is sent torwards the goal you were thinking and concentrating on too form a object or too form some thing too happen like too gain money...(but i mainly use magick too gain power and wisdom)...

LMAO!! ROTFL!!!! The Earth is in the universe! Dark and demonic? You bet your ASS this page is! Look at all those misspellings. EVIL, I TELL YOU! Of course, what demonic, gothic page would be complete withut poetry?

Elven Night

When I Walk, Under The Moon Lite,
Through The Forest, Over A Bridge.
Watching The Elven Folk.
They Run They Laugh They Joke.
The Wise Sit By A Fire..
The Mother's Watch The Bird's Fly Higher.
The Father's Watch Into The Nite.
Praying For The War Not Too Come Tonite.
The Kid's Laugh And Play, Shooting There Arrow's Into Hay,
And Hoping Too Be Like Father, A Great Warrior Some Day.
The Moon Is About Gone, The Sun Is Coming Up.
And They All Leave Into The Wood's,
For They Know Human's Will Soon Be Up....

For more poetry about David the Gnome and assorted facts on why all goths should be rounded up in a pen and fed to revenous hawks, check this kid's page out. I better watch out though, he might just put a curse on me or get his eleven folk to hunt me down! Spoooooky!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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