Alright, here's the pitch: It's a Web comic about a lactating cow that gives birth -- but it's not what you're thinking! Hathor the Cowgoddess isn't about the titular cow fucking other cows or fucking humans or giving birth to magical sexy foxes who it then fucks. It's about a cow who is passionate about womens' rights, especially homebirthing, breastfeeding, all that stuff. It's a pretty brave comic, really. It's inspiring the way Hathor sticks it to THE MAN when it comes to not having babies in a hospital, where they can be cared for and saved and stuff if something goes wrong.

Hathor, a cow who doesn't have udders but does have breasts, is the creation of Heather (wow, those names sure are similar!), a mother of four who probably feels that way about tea-tree oil. Heather started the comic after she stopped being able to fit giant sculptures of Hathor into her living space, which is a good thing because a cow who is really into having her baby in a kiddie pool is art this world needs right now, in one form or another. Heather is also totally into attachment parenting, which I looked up on Wikipedia and it seems like "attachment parenting" means "not neglecting your children," so I support it, too, I guess. This cow has a lot of wisdom to share with the world!

She also has a lot of merch! Well, okay, not a lot, but she has a store where she sells her prints and a number of books. Don't be deceived by the links to T-shirts or canvas bags, those don't exist! It's a deception. Oh, and you can hire her to speak about topics such as "Parenting as Performance Art." She offers plenty of alternatives for people without credit cards, because banks are evil (this is true, actually, but you should probably still put your money in one!). Most importantly, she also details the sliding scale she uses to charge for reprinting her cartoons. Let's see, SA would fall under "commercial Website" so I guess we're supposed to pay anywhere between $25 and $150 to print one of her cartoons. We're not going to print any of her cartoons, then! Awesome!

The person who submitted this site found out about it from listening to a Neil Gaiman interview on NPR, which is pretty rad. I hope the guy who made Sandman now struggles to get the image of a cow with tits out of his head. So thanks, weird lady on the phone who brought this to the nation's attention. I owe you one. We owe you one.

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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