If you're in the market for some yuk-yuks and ha-has, you've come to the wrong place, buddy. But there's an even wronger place out there, and that is Jokes2Go!

Launched in 1998, Jokes2Go appears to have been updated just five times in the past fifteen years, including the announcement of a ghastly array of "new super-talented columnists" who all mercifully stopped updating years ago, and the recent introduction of an equally crappy iPhone app version that warns potential buyers it will "cause excruciating pain from laughter!" Take heed, folks - you might want to wear some safety goggles, because the hoot levels must be off the charts!

No matter how you look at them, these are the same corny, dirty jokes that have been passed down through the ages: blondes are dumb, ethnic people are different, kids don't understand sex things, etc. They're apparently user-submitted, with little or no editing oversight, so naturally you'll find epithets a-plenty. They've helpfully grouped together all the Gay & Lesbian jokes for one-stop offensiveness; this one should go over great at your next Klan meeting! Sadly, there's only one joke in the still-highly-relevant "Barney" category, and it's, uh, not very good.

If you're really in love with Jokes2Go, you can register for mysterious "advanced features." There's also a PREMIUM version of the iPhone app, which apparently offers the same jokes as the free one and in fact differs in no way at all other than costing money. "Waste of dollar," says joke enthusiast Edojan.

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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