Welcome to the world of Rick Frishman, a best-selling commercial self-help author and shameless self-promoter. You see, to Rick Frishman, there's really only one way to promote yourself - take pictures with celebrities, and maybe get those celebrities to say that they like your thing. How you get a celebrity to like a thing about celebrities liking things is beyond me, but I guess that's why you have to buy the book.

Honestly, I don't know if Rick offers legitimately good advice - I'd have to pay money to read his stuff, and I have a strict "no money on ALOD" policy. But I can tell you that if this guy ever offered to tell you the secret of how to get celebrities to take pictures with you, you should listen the fuck up, because he has that shit on lock. Seriously, this guy makes Karen Meets Celebrities look like ... well, I guess somebody somewhat less embarrassing and terrible, but at the same time worse at what she wants to do. Either more or less pathetic, depending on your perspective. Anyway, he's good at it. He doesn't just take pictures of celebrities, he takes pictures with them, and sometimes they seem really happy about it. Like this amazing photo of him clinging to Richard Simmons: They both look so excited!

I'd love to tell you to look at other parts of the site, but the rest of it is just kind of sad - Rick's a motivational speaker, the lowest of the low, and most of the site is about getting you to buy his books, audiobooks, and tickets to his presentations. So my advice is to ignore everything else. Find your favorite picture of Rick. Cherish the picture, love it. Hell, run it through Photoshop or something so people have something to look at on Friday. But whatever you do, don't stray too far from the gallery.

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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