Quantum Confusion

If you make it through all 9+ minutes of this, congratulations. You just spent 9 minutes watching a whole lotta bullshit while I was getting head from my supermodel girlfriend.

Critics Corner™

" 1. There's no proof for parallel universes.
2. Choas theory is not at all what you said.
3. Protons and electrons travel instanously, it's nothing new. Electrons can also be in two places at once.
4. You're starting to sound like Ian Crossland, please research more.
5. Grandfather rparadox shouldn't even be speculated on without the possiblity of time-travel. It's a waste of time.

People need to stop posting videos on quantum without having even taken physics."

" 1. Where is your proof that they don't exist though? (I know, cheap shot, but hey, I'm 13)
2. I got my theories mixed up. I apologize.
3. PHOTONS. Not proton, not electrons. PHOTONS. And I also stated that is was said to be caused by a human, not just nature.
4. Never heard of him. Ha! xD
5. Hypotheticle (sp?) situations are a lot of fun. So what, it might not be possible yet. Still fun to think about it.
I am taking extremely basic physics right now."

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